Phd in Economics (under construction), free economist at Hamburg University/Germany
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I wrote my PhD thesis on political power of transnational corporations with Prof. Dr. Peter Weise und Prof. Dr. Hans Nutzinger at Kassel University and finished with it in November 2011. At the momemt, I work as a free economist in Hamburg and have a connection to ZOESS at Hamburg University. I studied economics and political science at the University of Regensburg/Germany and University of Boulder at Colorado.
My major fields of research are:
International (Political) Economics
Public Choice, Plural Microeconomics and Economic Sociology
Science and the Political Economy of Econonics
Real World Economics/Post-autistic economics
The Capablity Approach

Running research projects

  • Science policy options for pluralism in economics
  • Indicators for democratic lobbying of business
  • Multiple equilibria in core labour standards under global trade competition
  • Attaconomics
  • Economics of language



American Association of Geographers, 23rd of March 2002, Los Angeles

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